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ULD, vehicle tracking & IoT analytics for a Large European Cargo Handler

Problem Statement

Client envisioned to build a Vehicle & ULD tracking AWS based Data Lake solution. It should have following capabilities.

  • Real-time ULD Tracking
  • Identify & forecast SLA for ULD
  • Automated Alerting in case of ULD Temperature deviation
  • Fix the Unplanned ULDs maintenance problem

Solution Overview

End to End Reference Architecture using IoT Devices, AWS IoT, S3 Lambda, SNS, Athena, Glacier & Snowflake DB on AWS Cloud Platform and PowerBI in Client machine.

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  • Real-time ULD Tracking
  • ULD’s SLA forecasting
  • Alerting in Case of Delay
  • Alerting in case if Temperature deviates from Threshold
  • Predictive Maintenance of ULDs
  • Automatic Firmware updates

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