Transforming guest experience and operations in Digital era


The client, the second-largest airline in Australia, approached Coforge to develop a solution to eliminate manual processes. The key objective was to improve the productivity of flight operations and the workforce with a digitally-enabled system. Coforge delivered a custom-developed solution to provide a truly paper-less interface. The integrated platform streamlined all internal processes and provided a user-friendly interface to access, view, complete, and submit e-forms on a smartphone or tablet. 

About the client

The client is Australia's second-largest airline based out of Brisbane, Australia.   

Business Challenge

The client wanted to increase the productivity of flight operations and crew workforce by diminishing the need for manual processing of essential forms. The client had the following objectives outlined: 

  • Streamlining of internal processes by managing legacy paper-based forms electronically. 
  • Provide the ability to access, view, complete, and submit electronic forms via a smartphone or tablet device.  

Our Solution

Coforge's scope of activities included: 

  • Build custom-developed e-forms using HTML5 forms and integration with backend airline systems and databases.  
  • Implement the product workflow management for mobile and offline access  

Coforge enabled the client to replace current paper-based processes with paperless operations. The solution allowed the client to converge all existing electronic form services to one integrated platform. Using Microsoft Sharepoint and Nintex, Coforge enabled paperless operations for flight safety and crew rostering departments. Various reports, such as safety reports (including hazard & risks), flight crew reports, guest injury and illness, fatigue reports, Golden Days request form were developed as e-forms. 

The integrated e-form platform enabled multiple departments to effortlessly create, manage, publish, and use their forms in an electronic format on desktop and mobile devices.   

Coforge helped the client to:   

  • Digitize forms accessible by desktop and mobile devices  
  • Provide pre-filled reference data for faster turnaround time  
  • Create automated workflows   
  • Introduced notifications and events based on data entered in forms  
  • Automate data validation and data transfer to downline airline systems  
  • Enable mobile workforce 
  • Enable offline data entry when not connected  

Delivering more Value

Improved Savings: 

  • Saves effort by eliminating the need for manual data entry  
  • Configurable forms and workflows leading to minimal IT involvement  
  • Mobile access leading to productivity gain  
  • Integrates many different departments and eliminates duplication of work  
  • Can be deployed on cloud  

Enhanced Convenience: 

  • Eliminates data entry errors by providing lookups and reducing keyboard entries  
  • Simple and easy to use forms  
  • Offline form entry enabled, for working on ground and in-air  
  • Ensures regulatory compliance  
  • Streamlined downstream processing  
  • Improved quality  
  • Ensures apt quality of data captured  
  • Strengthen employee engagement  
  • Improves the crew’s way of working, and thereby enhances airline brand image  
  • Increased performance  
  • Offline data access   
  • Data readily transferred to backend systems leading to near-real-time access   
  • Day-to-day administration of tasks are handled in a more efficient manner  



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