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Transforming Digital Commerce by Growing Mobile Sales by 100% in 6 Months for a Leading Global Airline in Europe


The client wanted to boost digital presence by enhancing their website design, improving performance, grow sales and ancillary revenues, and enable a consistent, omnichannel experience for passengers.


A European full-service large global airline spanning over 160 destinations.


Relying on our full-stack website development & digital marketing expertise, and 2-decade-long airline domain expertise spanning 50+ airlines worldwide, we

  • Sales and Service Enablement: Enabled the direct selling channels with a clean redesign that generated over $4 billion in annual revenues.
  • Omnichannel Enablement: Enabled selling across both web and mobile channels for hyper-personalized and hyper-contextualized passenger experience.
  • Ancillary and Loyalty Enablement: Enabled ancillary revenues by supporting loyalty services and multiple web services for holidays, excess baggage, and seat assignment across web and mobile.
  • Real-time Interaction Management: Implemented real-time interaction management solutions across customer touchpoints on web and mobile.
  • Implemented state-of-art microservices architecture for the front-end channel site to further boost its scalability and stability.
  • Content & Campaign Management: Automated delivery of personalized emails and push notifications for travelers during pre-, mid- and post trip to improve upsell/ cross-sell results


  • Full stack engineers worked on Angular, Responsive Web Design techniques, Java Microservices in the backed, Integration with web analytics, with deployment on AWS infrastructure. 
  • DevSecOps toolchain based on Jenkins and Cloudformation and other libraries
  • Both coupled and headless CMS integration


  • Mobile travel booking revenues increased by 100% in just 6 months.

  • The launch of mobile web project saw a surge in visits by 13% and 30% rise in mobile bookings.

  • A 60% uptick in mobile check-ins led to reduced load on desk check-in agents.

  • We supported over $800 million of ancillary revenues, unique ID identification of over 110 million customers, and personalization for over 55 million passengers.

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