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Tracking investigation and resolution of identity theft disputes in auto loan servicing


Auto Loan Servicer

Business Situation

  • The examiners found that the furnishers’ policies and procedures did not provide sufficient guidance for conducting reasonable investigations of indirect disputes that contain allegations of identity theft.
  • Impact - Failure to furnish Comprehensive policies and procedures prevents the reviewer from accurately investigating and resolving a legit Identity Theft dispute raised by the consumer.


  • Coforge's compliance audit and QC platform, Copasys:
    • Highlights loans where identity theft disputes has been received.
    • Lists step-by-step process for the examiners/auditors to follow to accurately investigate and complete the review.


  • Audit result is published as ‘Compliant’ when all the listed guidelines are followed accurately and ‘Non-compliant’ when the listed guidelines are not followed at all or when the investigation is completed without reviewing all the listed steps.

Value Delivered

Initiating certain dispute related rules along with effective remediation activities helps:

  • Significantly reduce the consumers’ risk of inappropriate and/ or invalid debt collection practices and property loss.
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