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Streamlining Operations with a Flexible, Centralized System


Streamlining operations and reducing overheads are at the heart of complete business restructuring. That is why a publicly held personal lines insurer partnered with us to replace its spreadsheet-based data storage system. Our flexible, centralized system, shaped by new ideas, delivered more value, while improving agent productivity.

About the Client

A publicly held personal line insurer in the US, the client focuses on auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and business insurance while also providing investment and banking services.

Business Challenge

The client’s commercial and personal line agents selling small business insurance across state lines utilized a predominantly spreadsheet-based data storage system that was proving to be increasingly inadequate to meet the needs of the company. The storage system stored rules and regulations for this line of business and there was an absence of a flexible, centralized system that can be quickly accessed on hand-held devices. The agents were spending a lot of time to scroll the spreadsheets and get required details of the product. This led to dissatisfaction among the agents—reducing their productivity.

The client needed an implementation partner with domain knowledge and technical expertise in mobile technology—somebody who could build and implement the system across global locations. Coforge could deliver all this and more.

Our Solution

We built a centralized system for the commercial and personal lines agents to help them quickly access data on hand-held devices. The developed system supported the sales of products in the allocated state of the agent.

Discovery workshops with C-level executives and line managers were conducted to understand what they wanted, and what aggravates them about the current system. Queries regarding how the project will run and how they wanted the new system to work were handled. Industry research including the competitive analysis of the US market was also carried out before designing the system. Once the requirements were frozen, our team started working on the design of the system. System designs were shared with the stakeholders to get constructive feedback. Based on the feedback received, corresponding iterative modifications were carried out. The final design was then used to develop the system for the client

We leveraged our expertise in mobile technology to reduce human effort and the number of defects in the system—ensuring cost-effectiveness and rapid execution of the process.

Delivering More Value

The insurer witnessed improvements in the overall productivity of the agents with the use of our flexible system. With a 100% adoption rate by agents, the client achieved the following benefits:

More Efficiency

The centralized system enabled the agents to immediately access data using the new user-friendly format. More Savings: The cost of training on-field agents in different geographies reduced drastically. More Revenue: Quick-access to information enabled the agents to improve sales, leading to increased revenue and profits.
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