State of the art Crew Management and Flight Operations Systems enabling simplified Day of Operation Management by technology modernization for Second largest airline in UK

About the client

The client is a leading full-service global airline and the largest in the UK based on fleet size, with an extensive global route network flying to and from centrally-located airports. The client strives to keep the airline’s entire flight operation on track by proactively highlighting problems and providing tools to quickly find and implement minimum-impact disruption recovery solutions.

Business Challenge

As part of their strategic need, the client wanted to implement state of the art crew management systems and had decided to upgrade their existing system. Crew management system being one of the most crucial aspects of an airline’s operation, they wanted to ensure that there is no disruption caused by this system change. The partnership with Coforge was to ensure continuity of Flight Crew Planning and Control Processes post the upgradation of the existing crew rostering suite to another one. The seamless crew functionality will enable to determine the most cost-effective use of its flight crew through day-of-operations execution including recovery from disruptions.  

Our Solution

The Coforge team employed its rich and extensive testing experience and domain expertise to ensure an uninterrupted crew services continuation.

We offered the following services:

  • Testing Services
    • Business Oriented Individual Module Testing
    • E2E business-oriented system integration Testing
    • Requirements coverage assurance using RTM
    • Exploratory testing after each iteration testing
    • IT Testing including Functional and non-functional testing
  • Environment Services:
    • Troubleshooting and fixing test environment-related issues
    • Install new releases
    • Provide ongoing support for test environments
    • Environment management
    • System and Server Monitoring
    • Monitor and guarantee uptime of test environments

Coforge has a specialized testing framework encompassing all aspects of testing services to ensure nothing but a bug-free delivery each time.

crew management

Our solution enabled the transition from current systems for entire Crew Management process from long & mid-term planning to roster building to Crew Control from old legacy platforms to new state of the art systems to ensure continuity of Flight Crew Planning and Control Processes after the transition process seamlessly.

The impacted business areas can be seen from the below pictorial representation.

Digital Transformation

Key Business Benefits

  • Quality Compliance: 100% compliance with the client’s standards and processes.
  • All planning and estimation have considered our previous Crew testing experience.
  • Well managed team to handle parallel activities due to short span of Iterations.
  • With a more robust Crew management system, the client achieved reduced rostering costs
  • The client was able to unify crew related processes
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