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Simplified Customer Onboarding for a Global Financial Services Client


The key objective of the client was to expedite customer on-boarding and plan the setup process by minimizing the manual work across various onboarding stages. The client partnered with us to track and create various activities and tasks on Salesforce and support real-time, on demand fetching and feeding of most updated customer onboarding information to external entities like SetIt, FundOps and Task Manager.

About the Client

The client was major US financial major dealing in financial, retirement, insurance, and investment services, products, and solutions.

Business Challenge

The existing customer onboarding for institutional markets was being done manually consuming few hours per FTE with no system integrations in place for a sequential process of task execution. The various forms used to capture customer information and product recommendations were not quite accurate leading to errors and omissions on the side of client transition services, client transition managers and quality assurance teams. The front-end of the existing system was too primitive with no proper workflow for tracking the customer on-boarding journey and thus failed to offer a good user experience.

Our Solution

Partnering with the client, we successfully provided the needed solution to standardize and automate the on-boarding process:

Customer onboarding was fully automated sequencing from plan setup, registering plan sponsor details, enabling record keeping options, interfacing with the multiple stakeholders. Rule Engine based guided process flow, providing integration with external systems in real time to finally generating a welcome kit for the customer and a list of MIS reports. Salesforce was integrated with various systems like VPP (Pricing Engine), Rules Engine, Workflow and Document Management to complete end-to-end automation from Opportunity Management to Lead Management to RFP Quote to Customer On-boarding to finally Contact Management and Reporting. The entire process was built on re-usable frameworks and tools driven by responsive UI compatible with all versions of Salesforce (Classic, Lightening) and web/mobile enabled. A fully secured data integrity element at all levels with allowable transparency and role based access. Highly reusable lightning component based design for a user friendly, responsive UI and Salesforce Mobile. New robust data model was introduced to capture information in salesforce.

Delivering More Value

Fully Automated Customer On-boarding process saving up to 65% of FTE time per customer. Product Recommendation and selection of the right forms for the Plan has been automated creating uniformity and accuracy (up to 90%). Monitoring the progress of task from each stakeholder now leads to correct status reporting and proper work coordination saving time up to 25% in the process. Transparent Guided Flow to ease tracking. New User Interface was compatible with Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Mobile versions.

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