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Development of a Shared Incident Management System for an Australian Governmental Organization

NSW Transport

Customer is leading the development of safe, integrated and efficient transport systems for the people of NSW.


TMC is responsible for managing incidents on NSW state roads and collaborates with Private motorways in managing the impact on state roads due to incidents on private motorways.

The operators in TMC control room have to depend on multiple systems and manual collaboration for incident management which eventually results into delays in responding to the incidents on the roads. 


The objective was to provide a single consistent view of incidents across multiple systems and simplify the management of incidents on the roads there by reducing the time required for managing the incidents.

An application was built using Pega to integrate with C2C (Center 2 Center - private motorway incident management system) and CMCS (Centrally Managed Control System) a legacy incident management system within TMC.

The incidents were further published to Transportal Maps (TfNSW - internal map view) to provide a visual representation of the incidents across NSW on a Map

Business Benefits

  • A single centralized view of incidents across the state of NSW from both state and private motorways providing better control
  • Simplified incident management helping faster response times
  • Helps TMC to more effectively manage incidents by reducing the incident management time
  • Multiple views of incidents for managing and communicating (by TMC executives)
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