Seamless and easy platform integration


  • Expansion of business to new customer segment
  • Low cost, low touch insurance with nominal distribution cost
  • Fast & easy underwriting rules


  • API Integration- Digital Backbone - Fast, easy & seamless integration API’s, Simpler and fewer integration points for streamlined integration experience, Meta data & classifications available as additional functions
  • Digital Portal - Connected Experience - Policy dashboard for Agent partners, Rate Quote & Bind online directly from portal, if acceptable, Simple underwriting questions for deciding underwriting appetite, Automated underwriting workflow for complex scenarios’
  • Core Platform - Intelligent Operations - Core capability of the Policy Rating & Admin done within Duck Creek, Duck Creek offers modern technology stack, extensible API’s & flexible integration



    • Cost Contained Hosting Platform
    • Simplified & Fast onboarding for partners so that they can focus on customers
    • Fast & easy underwriting rules
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