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Scientific Criteria For Selecting an Adequate Level of Automated Test Execution For A Leading Financial Services Company

The Client

Our financial services client’s IT division was deriving only 50% benefit from test automation and there were opportunities to extend the automation level across the application portfolio comprising of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)  applications, bespoke development, data warehouses, small but time-critical systems including one large-scale transactional system used transversally by different client business areas. Our criteria for selecting an adequate level of automated test the execution was 9 fold:Capture_casestudy_2

We implemented our tool-based selection criteria for an adequate level of automated test execution as historical data was available for reported defects and new test cases executed for application/system. Our tool-based selection criteria leverages statistical techniques to analyse and proactively manage key parameters that could influence the project schedule, effort and defect leakage to deliver on client’s objectives of better quality at faster delivery speed.


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