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Robo Advisor Accelerator: Enhancing Efficiency and Client Satisfaction in Asset & Wealth Management

Customer Context

A leading Asset & Wealth Management firm recognized the importance of leveraging advanced technologies to enhance operational efficiency and client satisfaction. However, they faced challenges in developing a comprehensive robo-advisor platform from scratch, which demanded substantial investments and expertise.

Key Business Challenges

  • Resource-Intensive Development: Building a robo-advisor platform demands significant investments in time, skilled personnel, and technology.
  • Complex Technical Integration: Integrating various components, such as model portfolio creation, rebalancing algorithms, tax loss harvesting, and risk profiling, can lead to technical complexities and delays.
  • Diverting Focus from Core Competencies: Developing a robo-advisor can distract teams from focusing on core strengths and delivering value to clients.

Coforge Solution

Coforge presented the Robo-Advisor Accelerator to address the challenges faced by wealth management firms. Key Features of the Robo-Advisor Accelerator:

  • Effortless Model Portfolio Creation: Allows easy design of model portfolios tailored to clients' unique needs.
  • Intuitive Business Logic Customization: Enables simple configuration of operational parameters aligned with investment strategies.
  • Streamlined Investor Profiling: Facilitates accurate risk profiling and asset allocation for each client.
  • Comprehensive Robo-Advisor Management: Handles the entire robo-advisor infrastructure, from data management to portfolio execution.


  1. Reduced the time required to launch a robo-advisor platform by 40%. With pre-built components and streamlined integration, the firm was able to deploy their robo-advisor faster and gain a competitive advantage in the market.
  2. By leveraging the Robo-Advisor Accelerator, the firm achieved cost savings of 38% compared to building a robo-advisor from scratch. The elimination of extensive development efforts and the use of pre-built modules reduced upfront costs significantly.
  3. With the Robo-Advisor Accelerator, the firm achieved a 25% increase in client satisfaction. The ability to personalize robo-advisor offerings based on their investment expertise and cater to individual client needs resulted in higher client engagement and loyalty.
  4. The robust and scalable platform accommodated growth, ensuring the robo-advisor evolves with business needs and expands seamlessly.
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