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Revolutionizing User Experience for a Financial Investment Management Company


As users continue to expect more from their applications, the client wanted to deploy responsive user interfaces to deliver an improved application experience. They partnered with Coforge to provide more effective services to their customers. Coforge understood exactly what the client wanted and, based on insights gained improved the accessibility of the application by making it independent of browsers and devices. The application delivered more value to the client by allowing them to improve and expand their user infrastructure, which till then was limited by the application support matrix.

About the Client

A financial services company, the client is a global provider of investment processing, investment management, and investment operations solutions. The company provides products and services to institutions, private banks, investment advisors, investment managers, and private clients.

Business Challenge

The existing account administration application was a browser-based app designed in 2000. Although technology improvements were made approximately 10 years ago, the user experience had essentially remained unchanged for the last 15 years.

The application presented the following challenges that had to be addressed:

  • Recurring desktop compatibility cost, given that the user interface layer was written in code originally compatible with IE 5 (quirks) mode
  • Limited browser/operating system support
  • Supported only 1024x768 resolution, despite majority of users moving to larger monitors with higher resolutions
  • High bandwidth consumption each time a new field was added or user interface change was implemented, impacting the application performance
  • Non-intuitive user interface led to lower productivity.
  • Close to 200 screens, many of them not used regularly, which added to the volume and effort required to do assessments and compliance activities.
  • Every release entailed time-consuming steps such as rework on the application due to limitations with old user interface technologies

Coforge partnered with the client as a strategic technology enabler to deliver competitive advantage.

Our Solution

We redesigned the user interface of the account administration application using a responsive web application framework that acts as a platform to port existing functionalities with minimal difficulty. The team’s efforts provided a friendly user experience, a better performing application, improved user productivity, and reduced ongoing platform maintenance to the client.

The new application offered flexibility in enhancing and improving user infrastructure, which was limited due to restrictions in the browsers/devices/operating systems supported. To make the user interface responsive, we redesigned the screens using latest web technologies keeping bandwidth reduction, user experience, productivity, and ease-of-use in mind.

Delivering More Value

  • More Savings: The yearly platform maintenance cost due to desktop compatibility compliances was reduced. Multiple screen resolutions saved effort in completing the project.
  • More Customer Satisfaction: The redesigned/migrated application improved the user experience due to highly responsive user interface. All relevant functionalities were added in a single application. This helped in accessing relevant information in a single click instead of traversing through multiple menu options. User interface was highly responsive to user actions like search and create content, achieving higher user productivity
  • More Efficiency: Implementation of the new technology platform reduced bandwidth consumption.
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