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Regulatory reporting solution for a Swiss bank

The client

Our client is a global investment bank and financial services firm founded and based in Switzerland.

Business Challenge

The bank had multiple sources of data for capital reporting. The bank incurred huge operational and IT costs to comply with Basel 3 regulatory reporting.

Challenges included segregated investment banking and private banking application and data architecture thereby having multiple teams all over the globe.

Coforge Approach

  • E2E approach to resolving business process, data, and application architecture.
  • Data Governance – data profiling and cataloguing of reporting critical data elements and old vs new data lineage.
  • Capital BPM – harmonize process and controls as per revised application and data architecture.
  • Reporting data domain – Big data platform to consolidate granular reporting data
  • Data Management – Business workflow to review and remediate data quality (DQ) issues before finalizing data for reporting.
  • Reporting layer – Qlik based self-service mechanism for internal MIS and front office handoffs.


  • Compliance to BCBS 239 in terms of necessary documentation, review, and attestation.
  • Adherence to SoX and RDAR compliance statements
  • Improved scalability and response time for future reporting changes.
  • Reduced business cycle times for periodic capital reporting.
  • Lower cost of ownership of tech and operations
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