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Quick & flexible ramp-up: 1,000 FTEs within 8 months across 3 cities for a data entry and indexing process

The Client

Leading nationwide Data & Analytics provider


  • Multiple challenges while building a nationwide title plant
  • Short timeframe to ramp up and complete historical build
  • Keep cost low
  • Capture various states/ county nuances


  • Deployed onsite resources to accelerate business requirement understanding & documentation
  • Customized “Pre-processing” & “Key from Image” applications to reduce indexing and data entry time


  • Implemented workflow to send & receive documents/ images via FTP, hard drives
  • Built infrastructure for a quick ramp-up (spread across 3 sites for Business Continuity)

Value Delivered

  • Large and Flexible processing capacity built for a customer
    • Created capability to ramp up from 0 to 1,000+ FTEs within 8 months spread across 3 locations
    • Indexed over 50 million documents within 30 months while meeting service levels
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