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Pega Robotic Process Automation for a Leading Reinsurer

Pega Robotic Process Automation for a Leading Reinsurer

Business Challenge

A leading reinsurer was faced with multiple challenges in underwriting, claims, credit control, and reinsurance processes. These challenges included repetitive actions, manual interventions, and the need to navigate between multiple applications, resulting in extended processing times and delays in workflows.

Coforge Solution

Coforge collaborated with the client to automate over 40 processes across various departments using Pega Robotics. Our solution automated the workflow that included extraction of data from documents and emails, managing email, and premium and pay-out calculations across different applications. The Pega bots were set up to automatically provide execution status reports to human operators, enabling high skilled underwriters and adjustors to focus on addressing exceptions.


  • Improved the productivity of the team by 70% through smart RPA operations.
  • Processing time of submission and claims reduced to less than 5 minutes from 45 minutes.
  • 40% of the emails / cases processed with minimal human intervention
  • Effective management and increased transparency of new submissions and renewals


Key Highlights

  • Adhering to RPA best practices (Robot Auto Balancing & Cyber Ark Integrations) that surpass industry standards.
  • Over 40 automations processing more than 15,000 transactions per week.
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