Over 98% quality, 100% within due date for bulk title search orders

The Client

A Tittle, Closing & Settlement Services Provider


    • QC of bulk order of 28,500 files (completed by other search vendors) to be completed within a 6 week time frame
    • End customer expected on-time delivery
    • Inaccurate title reports could lead to potential higher financial claims


    • Identified & aligned experienced SME’s
    • Standard Operating Procedures created
    • Relevant training & certification was completed within 2 days (over the weekend)


    • Illustrative results from BCP Testing
      • Real-time order status tracking and reports were published for all the stakeholders and clients
      • Calibration call conducted with the client every alternate day
      • Continuous training programs on new process updates

Value Delivered

    • 100% of orders completed within the due date
    • Quality levels exceeded (98.14% achieved – SLA was set at 95%)
    • Enhanced end-customer satisfaction
    • Coforge managed overall quality – completed final quality checks (QC) of search/ typing completed by other vendors