Over 80% reduction in chargeback case aging for issuing bank, client of a leading chargeback management company

The Client

Issuing Bank, Client of A Leading U.S. Charge back Management Company


  • Backlog of charge back cases to be cleared
  • Running at 31 days average aging with an inventory of 9,000, against normal aging of 18 days and inventory of 3,000 cases
  • Higher aging of cases meant extended turn around time


  • Processing team split into two groups
  • 2 pronged approaches to attack the backlog of both “within Turn Time” and “outside Turn Time” cases


  • Cross-training  to manage volume fluctuations
  • Robust quality control and feedback mechanism to reduce errors

Value Delivered

  • Case aging reduced dramatically within a month
    • 31 days to less than 5 days
  • Cleared all backlog in 60 days Long-term process improvements
    • Enhanced service levels could be extended to their other customers
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