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Over 80% Reduction in Chargeback Case Aging & Prevention of Losses For Merchants

The Client

A Leading U.S. Chargeback Management Company


  • Huge backlog of charge back cases
  • Limited manpower onshore
  • Average case aging was 31 days,  against a desired aging of 14 days
  • Potential risk of merchants losing re-presentment timeframes and incurring loss for a legitimate transactions
  • Significant risk of client losing their merchant customers

Solution & Execution

  • Processing team split in two groups
    • Attack within timeframe cases
    • Attack closer to regulatory timeframe cases
  • Additional resources identified from other chargeback spaces for quick deployment and cross training
  • Core team as well as additional cross trained users deployed
  • Overtime rolled out for closer to timeframe cases
  • Robust quality control and feedback mechanism implemented to ensure proper re-presentment of cases to avoid merchant loss
  • Quality achieved – 98.89%

Value Delivered

  • Case age dropped from 31 days to less than 5 days
    • Customer retention assured for client – Lesser calls to client from their customers arising out of anxiety
    • Better win rates (client SLA with their customers) assured
    • No risk of financial/ regulatory losses because of missed representment opportunities
    • Client was able to take on more business owing to a flexible partner in Coforge
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