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Next-Gen API Implementation using MuleSoft for a Leading Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Upgrading Data Processing Capabilities, using MuleSoft for UK's Largest Railway Infrastructure Manager

The client

The customer is the IT division of a major electronics manufacturing brand based in Singapore. This IT division serves as the technical headquarters for the customer's products and solutions developed across the South East Asia and Pacific (APAC) region. With 33 manufacturing sites the division plays a crucial role in supporting the global production activities for consumer electronics, solutions, components, and devices.

Project Objectives

  • Pilot the migration of interfaces from a different technotechnology to MuleSoft within three subsidiaries of the "Manufacturing Factory Group."
  • Establish best practices for API implementation.
  • Modernize and adopt an API-led approach for a composable enterprise, preparing for future digital convergence.
  • Lay the foundation for agility and reusability to accelerate onboarding of companies using the MuleSoft platform.

Business Challenges

  • Existing state relied on a file/batch-based approach.
  • A mix of services went through a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) while others were direct app-to-app integrations, making management difficult.
  • Connectivity between SOA and SAP was unstable.
  • Delivering projects required heavy involvement from the ABAP team.
  • Lack of reusability resulted in rebuilding integrations with every change.
  • Seamless transition from the existing state to the future state with cloud connectivity to external touchpoints (IoT, third parties) was required.

Toolset/Technology/Platform/Accelerator Used:

  • Business Processing Implementation: MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform (CH2.0)
  • Visual representation of mappings: Microsoft Visio
  • File Storage: Customer's in-house storage with attached disc storage accessible via SFTP
  • CI/CD: Azure Repository

The solution delivered and benefits achieved

  • API-Led EDI Experience:
    • Integration of 33 unique data interfaces.
    • Support for 48 different EDI transactions
    • Development of 21 API applications.
  • End Systems Connectivity:
    • Connection with 13 partner systems.
    • Utilization of 6 message transmission channels.
    • Use of 4 EDI data file formats.
    • Integration with 21 end system touchpoints.
  • Diverse Transaction Types:
    • 85% near real-time (NRT) transactions
    • 15% real-time transactions.
    • 85% file-based transactions
    • 21% large payload transactions.
  • Quality Assured Delivery:
    • Achieved 100% test case coverage.
    • Over 80% test automation coverage.
    • More than 75% performance test coverage.
    • Over 80% unit test coverage


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