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Managing Volume Surge by Hiring & Training 100 Mortgage Underwriters in 3 Months​

The Client

A leading mortgage originator originating loans through both retail and wholesale channels​


  • Over 200% Surge in mortgage loan volumes​
  • Adding resource would add to fixed costs
  • Needed to ramp up quickly to handle the volume surge​


  • Coforge robust hiring methodology helped hiring of 88 experienced resources in the complex Mortgage Underwriting area​


  • Additional training was conducted  by leveraging the knowledge base already built by Coforge internally​
  • Hired additional supervisory, QC staff to support team​ 

Value Delivered

Successful handling of volume surges​
1. Coforge hired & trained 100 underwriters and mortgage specialists in 3 months ​

Capitalize on available business opportunity​
1. Leveraging Coforge underwriter support, customer could grew their business quickly​
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