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Leveraging DevOps to Reduce Cycle Time by 80% on AS400 Platform for a Major European Insurance Firm


A leading European insurance firm operating in Thailand had a time-consuming manual process to move RPG and COBOL programs between each environment with multi-level approval process for each step of code propagation. The key client objectives were to:

  • Establish a single source of truth for application source code
  • Improve time to market on rollout of changes to end users through IBMi and other Life & Annuity platforms.
  • Optimize Build-Deploy-Test process for AS400 and reduce resource dependency


Leveraging our DevOps framework in conjunction with ARCAD tool stack, we designed an automated pipeline for client’s IBMi and other Life & Annuity platforms. The solution also involved:

  • Assessing technology landscape for RPG and COBOL
  • Developed and implemented automated DevOps flow to orchestrate pipeline for AS400
  • Integrating Atlassian, Open Source and ARCAD stack in line with our DevOps framework together with best practices leveraged around DevOps on AS400
  • Designing end-to-end traceability and visibility of Build-Deploy-Test process


We delivered single Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for application changes with automated sync between version control and environments. Increased collaboration and communication between Dev, Test, Infra, and Ops led to predictable and frequent releases, and reduced time-to-market from weekly to daily and on-demand. The engagement resulted in:

Up to 70% improvement in productivity of the resources

Up to 80% reduction in cycle time with automated Build-Deploy-Test

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