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Instrumented Monitoring Landscape for a Financial Services Client


Customer wants end-to-end performance visibility of their investment platform to identify areas where customers face difficulties in transacting and derive insights that would help minimize costly performance issues.

The Client

The client is a Global Provider of Investment Solutions

Business Challenge

Customer was facing below challenges in their current environment setup:

  • No unified view of the IT landscape
  • High time consumption for issue identification and triage
  • Limited visibility in mapping issues with their origin point
  • Lack of application performance and impacted areas visibility
  • Lack of visibility in mapping issues with their origin point
  • Lack of seamless and uniform end user experience

Coforge Solution

We helped the customer to successfully implement and instrument the monitoring solution and experience the overall improvement in their environment by taking following steps:

  • Reconfiguration and validation of existing tool deployment
  • Creation of custom business transactions for critical functions
  • Defining measures and sensors for alert creation
  • Creation of business workflows for complete visibility
  • Creation of custom technical dashboards for application health
  • Proactive issue identification
  • Plugin configuration for multiple modules

Delivering More Value

  • End-to-end transaction monitoring in a single pane of glass
  • Reduced the turnaround time of issue resolution
  • Monthly performance comparison analysis shared per application for identifying impacted areas which help in prioritizing the defects
  • Reduction of impact on users by early issue identification in production by proactive monitoring and analysis
  • Synthetic monitoring in order to ensure the 100% availability to ensure KPI’s adherence
  • Loading BMR with Dynatrace data by report scheduling
  • Creating Ansible scripts for automatic Dynatrace agent deployment
  • Unified Dashboards for issue identification at faster pace, Incident threshold baselining
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