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Infrastructure Tools Ecosystem Transformation


The client had various legacy tools systems and that was almost freeware to manage the IT with upscale standards. Those toolsets had to be optimized considering the fast-changing global environment and make the infrastructure ready and prepared for new technologies like automation machine learning capabilities.

About the Client

A high-speed train service provider, the client connects the United Kingdom to other parts of Europe. The client was the official train carrier for the 2012 London Olympics and links over 100 destinations across Europe.

Business Challenge

Being in the travel industry, the client had several offices, depots, and stations in the UK and other parts of Europe that were either managed by vendors at times or had altogether new tools to manage the infrastructure.

We had to prepare the plan where we make sure the infrastructure tools which are self-efficient to report any deviations with upmost speed & with minimum human interventions/channels to reduce the turnaround time.

Our Solution

Coforge proposed a package of tool system that fulfills the requirement to upgrade the overall robustness of the infrastructure.

The Tool eco-system consists of discovery on the network, asset management, software license management, infrastructure monitoring, ITSM, Workstation auto-healing, etc.


  • Various tools were identified to meet customer expectation as far as the technical and cost-efficiency was concerned.
  • Coforge prepared the plan to target site-wise deployment of tools in a phased manner. This involved taking off the old tool and install the new application sets.


  • Coforge had to make sure that the plan matches the vision of the customer and thus, the right set of tools were identified to support the client for various purposes like asset management, software license management, infrastructure monitoring, ITSM, and workstation auto-healing.


  • Coforge performed various tests before the implementation to make sure the tool set being used matched the long-term vision of the client enabled automation capabilities like zero touch.
  • A final PoC was concluded against each tool before implementation.

Delivering Value

Robust Monitoring:

  • The new tool system would do the discovery on network and the alert mechanism would do the auto-heal before triggering the alert the respective team.

Better uptime and infra hygiene:

  • The auto healing capability have improved the system uptime and enabled a better hygiene of the infrastructure.

Future Ready:

  • With the fast-paced changing environment, this activity helped the client to be ready for more automation. This also reduces the human intervention for all the legacy activities like reporting or dashboards are concerned.
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