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Improving Scalability and Cost Effectiveness by Migration and support of Airline IT applications on AWS cloud for an Australian airline


To adapt to new technologies, changing dynamics in the airline industry, and take the ride to innovation, the role of an enabler becomes extremely critical. The client was suffering from a lot of inefficiencies in its infrastructure, which had a direct impact on its brand image and revenue numbers. They were incurring a huge amount of operational expenditure (OPEX) to manage their local infrastructure due to which the task of expansion was hindered to a great extent. The most feasible solution to all their problems was to make the cloud the mainstay of the business architecture and operational processes. 

About the client

The client is an Australian airline that provides point to point air travel service to passengers. The company offers charter and custom air transportation services to its customers.  

Business Challenge

Having suffered from operational and security challenges, the client approached Coforge Tech to bring in a customized efficiency model based on our cloud capabilities to reengineer their business processes. We carried out an assessment and devised a roadmap for the client to manage their mission-critical applications, which helped them to build a future-ready infrastructure that is scalable and cost-effective. The client was also concerned about the security aspect related to its business-critical applications. In search of an IT partner with proficiency and thorough technical know-how of AWS Cloud environment, the client approached Coforge Tech to define a clear and well-defined roadmap to their cloud journey. 

Our Solution

Coforge Tech followed a cloud-based methodological approach comprising of innovation and agile in order to ensure a certain operational efficiency for the airline enterprise. Assessment of the existing IT environment of the client was completed and a new customized roadmap based on Cloud AWS was devised by us for the company. 

The major landmarks during the project were as follows: 

Resource Optimization 

The client had a large chunk of broken infrastructure which was causing a lot of overheads to them. To resolve this issue, we advised them to alter their present infrastructure by replacing their running instances with reserved instances, which in turn helped them to reduce the cost by 16-17%. 

Assessment and strategizing the cloud journey 

A detailed assessment of the environment and strategy for the cloud journey was sketched using our industry proven frameworks wherein we have proposed them hybrid infrastructure where we are migrating their mission-critical applications to AWS cloud within a time frame of three months, which in turn will help them to reduce the cost up to 35-40%. 

Network redesign 

Using our vast industry experience and domain expertise, we helped the client management team to find out the areas having security concerns and prospective areas for future IT expansion. Moreover, we helped their team to consolidate multiple AWS resources/accounts into one which helped them to reduce admin efforts by minimizing the complexity.  

Selecting the apt AWS tools 

Cloud specific tools that suited the environment of the client, were recommended to complete the process of managing a client’s business-critical applications on the cloud. After performing an analysis of the cost-effectiveness of different alternatives, the prescribed tools were used during different phases of the project. The learnings from each phase were fed to the next phase to enable a swift transition from one phase to another. 

Reduce the reliance on Datacenters 

Optimized the business of the client in a way that minimizes the dependency of the customer on the local data centers. The optimization of the resources was done using a full-proof cloud-based plan to achieve the target of achieving higher productivity at a lesser cost. 

Develop a vendor-neutral approach to IT service delivery management 

Resolution of queries can be easily done when on cloud in comparison to a third party vendor. Infra can also be easily created on AWS in the case of a disaster without any downtime which promotes business continuity. SLA’s defined are clear and well defined. 


Our cloud security framework and continuous monitoring using our industry proven monitoring and auditing tools helped the client focus on the core business processes while we manage any probable security threats to the critical business for them.   We made use of various security tools like Cloudtrail and Cloudwatch for monitoring and auditing purpose. This contributes to a better customer experience and higher productivity. 

Delivering more Value


  • The cloud model adopted created an ecosystem wherein the client can drive the business results in the present while keeping in mind the challenges of tomorrow. The plan helped in coming up with a converged infrastructure, agility, flexibility, and better data control at the application level and business level which in turn improved productivity and works as an enabler for resource-intensive applications. 


  • The customer with a hybrid approach for its environment containing AWS cloud gained from the model with an option to scale up and down according to the requirement keeping a note of the fact that the customer was in an IT expansion phase.   


  • The adoption of the new framework defined by us will help them to reduce the cost up to 35-40% in the long run and is already helping them in providing a better customer experience. 
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