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Global Trade: The MyTrade Evolution

Global Trade: The MyTrade Evolution

Reduction in Turnaround Times
Surge in Data Speed (8 mins instead of 1 hour)
3 seconds
Lightning-fast Search Capability

The Challenge

Picture a world where every trade, be it stocks or cryptocurrencies, trudges through a maze of manual checks and balances. That was the reality for our client, an international bank, where manual processes slowed down trades, inviting errors and inefficiencies.

The MyTrade Revolution

Enter MyTrade. Crafted with precision, MyTrade automates trading and reconciliation from the ground up, turning days into seconds and complexity into simplicity. Operating across 59 nations, MyTrade is the new heartbeat of global trading activities, supporting an impressive array of 14 trade categories.

The MyTrade Impact

MyTrade has redefined the landscape of global trading:

  • Global Reach, Local Impact: Trading data is now at the fingertips of users worldwide, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.
  • Speed is the New Normal: The trading process and reconciliation are not just faster; they’re in the fast lane, leaving manual processes in the dust.
  • Automation, The Silent Hero: From trade checks to reminders, MyTrade is the unseen force driving accuracy and reducing manual effort.

MyTrade by the Numbers

  • Lightning-Fast Data Searches: Trade requests are no longer a waiting game. Results pop up in less than 3 seconds, setting a new standard in efficiency.
  • Data Load on Turbocharge: Witness a 90% surge in speed, slashing data load times from an hour to just 8 minutes for up to 200K records.
  • Operational Excellence Redefined: The MyTrade process is a marvel of efficiency, cutting turnaround times by a staggering 70%.
  • A Global Community of Innovators: With MyTrade, our user base has swelled to 55,000 across 59 countries, each contributing to global trade efficiency.
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