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Enabling Cloud-Fit Migration for a Fortune 500 Asset Company


The key objective of the client was to migrate their on-Prem computing resources to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

The Client

The client is a Retirement, Investment, and Insurance Provider based in the United States. The company is serving the financial needs of approximately 15 million individual and institutional customers in the United States. It has USD 540 billion of assets under management and administration and ranks among the top five retirement plan providers based on a number of plans, participants, and assets. The Client offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of asset accumulation, asset protection, and asset distribution products and services.

Business Challenge

The client was moving out of their on-premise location and thus wished to reduce risks by having a business continuity solution in place. For the same, they needed to migrate their on-Prem computing resources, which included 700+ TB of databases, 250+ applications, and services present at the location to Microsoft Azure cloud. To add on, validation of migration of 800+ enterprise systems with disaster recovery within a span of 15 months had to be completed.

Our Solution

Coforge followed a streamlined approach and an in-house converged cloud adaptation framework for migration. It started with having a clear picture of why the customer wanted to migrate, then after the assessment of the business situation, Coforge started with defining the methods and tools, which were required for migration. Following this, migration started. Utilizing the same framework, the client was facilitated with an assessment and migration plan.

  • Presales activity continued for approximately 3 months where multiple client workshops were organized to analyze the business case in detail
  • Realization of the gaps and bottlenecks was done using fitness assessments
  • A considerable amount of time was spent simplifying the process by removing the complications
  • Business adaptation framework was the key to the migration process
  • Design workshops were organized to decide on the application, data, and infrastructure design
  • Security and regulatory compliances that needed to have adhered to were defined
  • The tools and methodology to be used were established
  • Once done with strategizing the process, Iterative methodology (agile) was used to move candidate workloads to Azure
  • Coforge created interdependent application groups and then they were put into sprints based on numerous design principles and application requirements

Delivering More Value

Coforge made sure that the process is completed to a degree that all in-scope and servers were easily decommissioned with cost-efficiency. Leveraging the experience of working with giant clients, proven capabilities, and in-depth industry expertise, Coforge successfully completed the migration task within 12 months of starting. The disaster recovery setup was also completed & validated way before the given deadline of 15 months.

  • All in-scope servers migrated to cloud and on-prem were easily decommissioned to device cost-efficiency
  • Successfully completed the migration task within 12 months of starting
  • Disaster recovery setup completed as per 15-month timelines as originally planned
  • Agile methodology used for the migration
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