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Empowering a leading specialty insurer with exceptional value

The Client

Our client is a prominent global specialty insurance provider with a strong presence in 32 countries and an extensive portfolio of Property and Casualty insurance products. They offer insurance products around many lines of business such as E&P, Casualty, Healthcare, Property, Marine, General Liability, Professional Liability etc.

Business Challenges

The client needed to navigate complex platform transformation, enhance support and maintenance, overcome security challenges, streamline workflows, and achieve global expansion. They needed vital support in the areas listed below:

  • Complex Platform Transformation : The existing system used by the client posed limitations and inefficiencies, highlighting the need for migration to a better system to improve overall efficiency.
  • Security and Support : The Duck Creek PAS and claims demanded robust support and maintenance. There were security concerns around Duck Creek Policy and Claims (Single Sign on, User Admin and Web service while listing) which added to the complexity and required prompt resolution.
  • Supporting global expansion and improving time to market : The client’s ambitious expansion plans to new regions and 40+ products launch over a span of 3-5 years posed significant challenges. Ensuring premium balancing between PAS, IDO, Claims and Enterprise Data Warehouse and automating specialty business transactions were major challenges.
  • Future proofing by upgrade : Recognizing the need for future scalability and innovation, the client embraced the strategic move of upgrading to Duck Creek Next Version and required assistance with the same.

The Coforge Solution

Our partnership with the client went beyond mere collaboration, as we became the catalyst for their transformative journey. Our dedicated teams worked hand in hand with the client, providing comprehensive support across commercial and specialty lines of business.

  • We enabled the client for global expansion - Rolled out new regions North America, UK, Asia and Australasiastrong> over the course of 5 years.
  • Enhancements projects such as – New Coverages, New Forms, Actuarial, Stat reporting, and ISO upgrades 7x to 9x and then to 10x strong>proved pivotal in increasing the operational efficiency.
  • We provided support & maintenance of Duck Creek PAS, BA/QA, Claims, Data Insights Systems and Hyland OnBase Integration with Duck Creek.
  • We also empowered the client with Functional QA and Test Script Automation on TAC (Test Automation Center).


Our partnership with the client resulted in significant achievements and value, driven by our specialized services and deep industry expertise.

The key highlights of the results were:

  • Rapid Product Launches and Data Empowerment : We established a framework for replicable and rapid downstream buildout, enabling the client to launch over 40 insurance products. Leveraging the in-built Data Insights - Data Quality tools to obtain meaningful and actionable information for the upstream IT Dev teams - we provided valuable information for informed decisionmaking.
  • Architectural and Solution Design Guidance : Our expert team provided guidance in architectural and solution design for Duck Creek PAS, maximizing the benefits of the client’s technology investments and optimizing their operations.
  • ISO Template Upgrades and World Check Migration :We facilitated ISO template upgrades three times a year and did New Billing, Stat and Bordereau reports implementations for 9 ISO Lines of Business. Additionally, we successfully migrated services from World Check to World Check One.
  • Duck Creek Claims Support and Data Insights : Our support extended to Duck Creek claims and data insights, streamlining operations and enabling datadriven decision-making and engaged in DCT EP for UK implementation.

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