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Efficient IT infrastructure support for an American Public Gaming Corporation


Aging network inventory is not an option when enterprises seek to achieve efficiency with IT infrastructure support. That is why a public gaming corporation partnered with us to achieve multi-million dollar savings in IT infrastructure management. The resulting operational transformation has delivered more value to the client—achieving operational efficiency, reducing support costs, and responding to changing needs faster.

About the Client

A US-based public gaming corporation, the client owns and operates over 50 casinos, hotels, and seven golf courses under several brands. Since its inception in Reno, Nevada, more than 77 years ago, the group has grown to have approximately 68,000 employees, boasting of more than 115 million guest visits per year and annual revenues of $8.52 billion.

Business Challenge

The entertainment industry operates in an extremely volatile and dynamic environment, hence a mature, secure, robust, and tested network and Windows server, storage backup and IT service management must be maintained at all times. The company was indirectly affected by low visibility into its entities’ IT assets and had to resort to business strategies that could provide regulatory approvals in all jurisdictions where it operates. In addition, it faced several problems such as:

  • Disparate tools
  • No repository to capture process and technical knowledge
  • Inefficient support matrix with siloed support teams
  • Unstructured policies to access backup links
  • Low customer satisfaction
  • Uncontrolled, higher-than-anticipated IT spends
  • Lack of reliability and scalability in IT infrastructure

The company realized that it had to focus on its core business for profitability and long-term survival. They decided to outsource critical yet non-core areas, such as the upkeep of their IT infrastructure, to achieve cost-savings in a short span of time. Our wide experience in supporting IT infrastructure helped the client in supporting its gaming activities running in four countries.

Our Solution

We assumed overall responsibility for the client’s IT architecture and the delivery of a knowledge management system. Our services included centralized operations management, proactive monitoring from an integrated command center, besides centralized reporting.

We provided automated and integrated service management tools with the IBM Netcool® reporting framework that enabled clear demarcation of IT assets, and a vendor-neutral approach for upgrading existing network inventory. We also provided time-based access control lists on backup links.

As part of our commitment to lower IT system expenditure and simultaneously increase efficiency, we employed our onshore-offshore delivery model to ensure that senior onsite resources work closely with the client’s team. The offshore delivery team conducted an exhaustive study of the client’s IT infrastructure which was completed within a short span of time.

Delivering More Value

By engaging with us, the client can now focus on its core competencies and maintain its leadership position in a highly competitive industry. In addition to technology infrastructure support, we have been instrumental in improving the company’s operational efficiencies.

  • More Efficiency: We provided a transparent business view to increase time efficiencies.
  • More Improvements: The end-to-end upgrade exercise saved costs by 30-40% as compared to the as-is upgrade. We also provided cost-effective implementation of a centralized knowledge base across all process and technical tracks. The IT infrastructure support provided by us also resulted in 15% cost savings. Support costs were reduced by 30%
  • More Ease: We consolidated the client’s team with ease
  • More Satisfaction: Capturing of support metrics led to higher customer satisfaction.
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