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DC Migration to Azure - Fortune 500 Asset Management Organization

Technology Stack

  • Compute – Azure Virtual Machine
  • Management & Governance – Azure Monitor, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Automation, Azure Policy etc.
  • Storage – Azure Managed disk, Azure Bob Storage, Azure Files
  • Networking – VNET, Azure ExpressRoute, Azure VPN
  • IaC – ARM & Terraform

Business Challenges

  • Voya IM wanted to move out of their datacenter at Windsor, CT and reduce risks by having a business continuity solution in place.
  • 800+ enterprise systems, 700+ TB of data and 250+ business services to be migrated to cloud

Solution Offered

  • A detailed Discovery & Assessment was done using Coforge Cloud Advisory – Assessment Framework
  • Considerable amount of time spent to simplify the process by removing the complications
  • Design workshops were organized to decide on the application, data and infrastructure design
  • Security and regulatory compliances that needed to be adhered were defined
  • 12 months project using an iterative (Agile) methodology to move candidate workloads to Azure

Value Delivered

  • Datacenter Exit within the defined strict timelines
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery strategy for Business-critical applications
  • Infrastructure as Code helped in automating the provisioning of the environments fast without any errors
  • Agile methodology used for the migration using sprints & migration groups.
  • Improved System Availability
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