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Customer 360 degree view for UK based Health Insurance provider


Data is the lifeblood of many modern enterprises, not the least of which is health insurance. From setting fair, efficient premiums, to tackling fraud and adhering to privacy and ethics policies, data is the single most important asset for health insurers.

What happens however when multiple acquisitions leave a company with siloed systems and applications with different workflows and integrations around them?

About the Client

UK’s leading provider of everyday health and dental plans with more than 150 years of experience. Our client ensures that over 3 million people in the UK have access to health products, services and support that they need, when they need them and at a price they can afford.

Business Challenge

Following a growth by acquisition model, over the years, our client had inherited several unrelated platforms and siloed systems. Duplicate and obsolete records, combined with data inconsistency, led to poor data quality that prevented the company from having a unified customer view, provide consistent customer service and implement effective marketing initiatives.

Our Solutions

Coforge designed and built a MuleSoft ESB based application which integrated multiple back office systems to a uniform data source, with Mule ESB’s Salesforce connector used for rapid integration.

The implementation used Salesforce Bulk APIs which allowed migration of large volumes of data, with the ESB providing batch management for efficient migration, transformation and processing of data from source system to Salesforce.

In addition to this, the integration would also work with custom Salesforce entities which had complex relationship, enabling thorough de-deduping, and would also use Custom Batch processes for frequent Salesforce updates.

Delivering More Value

Our client was provided with a Unified Customer data platform through Salesforce, with data integration providing deduplication of custom entities. The tuned application supported 20 million records to be integrated, with customer batch processing for regular updates.

Our client now has a holistic view of their customers available across the organisation, providing them greater insight into their market. In addition to this, the production environment was easily scalable, and the Salesforce connector, ESB and JVM were optimally tuned for performance.

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