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Connected machines enriched by digital prescriptive maintenance

Key Highlights:

  • Supports user base of thousands of customers
  • Backs thousands of connected machines
  • Empowers thousands of trigger events per month

The Business Issue

Committed to farm and construction professionals, this Fortune 200 company aspires to lead the world in premium agriculture and construction equipment and solutions. Transitioning from an equipment, parts, and service provider to a solutions provider required this company to provide truly valuable insights to customers operating its equipment all over the world.

Using machine telematics, the company sought to check machine health and drive solutions for customers worldwide. It found that its legacy software and rules engines couldn’t meet the demand of the machine network’s millions of daily transactions. The company needed a solution to:

  • Enable speed in integration
  • Provide automation for productivity
  • Maintain audit readiness across cases
  • Adapt across a diverse customer base

The Solution

The company partnered with Pega for an initial three-month proof of concept (POC) to quickly validate assumptions with low risk. Team members attended both Pega Business Architect Essentials and Pega Systems Architect Essentials courses prior to the POC, enabling greater understanding and team cohesion. This ultimately allowed the team to deliver additional functionality, exceeding POC expectations and enabling speed in later projects.

This partnership, coupled with the flexibility and ease of the Pega Platform™, was integral in the company’s choice of Pega for digital process automation of the new machine health capability. The team was sold on the benefits of being able to change quickly and add rich features and functionality using out-of-the-box Pega technology.

The Results

The company’s new machine telemetry solution draws collective data intelligence from thousands of connected machines. With Pega Platform™, machine health data is easily accessible, enabling timely action to keep machines running at peak performance.

The Pega solution also accelerates deployment of adjustments to improve machine health, helping customers avoid unexpected downtime altogether. IT now adds new integration points in hours, not weeks, and:

  • Improves customer yield and productivity
  • Reduces maintenance costs of equipment in the field
  • Increases customer success and satisfaction
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