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Coforge transforms services to radically improve the user experience of IT for a major UK regulator

Following a competitive process, Coforge transitioned and transformed the IT services of a major UK regulator. The infrastructure inherited was failing to meet the Client’s aspirations for its IT service, with equipment being owned and hosted in dedicated data centers the service was expensive and inflexible.

The network service could not meet the expectations of modern flexible working. Aging hardware and software across the estate required investment. Furthermore, support from the service desk was failing to meet user requirements. A poor IT experience across the organization constrained the productivity of individuals and teams.

Right at the beginning of the contract Coforge and the client worked closely to create a collaborative one team IT organization. Transforming the service desk was the first priority with strong focus on cultural alignment and enriching the user experience.

Thereafter Coforge embarked on a journey of IT transformation, working closely with the client, we:

Mordenize the LAN-WiFi infrastructure Enabled agile working with implementation of Office 365 and mobile end user devices Consolidated data centres and migrated large part of the estate to the Cloud Implemented agile practices for development projects Instilled DevOps and CI/CD processes and culture enabling faster roll out of capabilities on platforms such as Salesforce

Through the implementation of these initiatives, we raised the value of IT services across the organization and enabled the organization to leverage IT for faster business outcomes. Key service improvements recognized by the client are:

Improved reliability of IT and services Enabled collaboration and an agile working Enriched user experience of IT improving productivity Have a highly resilient set of IT services with strong business continuity and DR capability Significant savings on costs for data center and Cloud Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership for the IT estate

The agility and resiliency of the transformed services has been proven recently when the entire organization had to start work from home in the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They were able to carry on with its business as usual without a glitch from day one of the lockdown.

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