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Coforge provides BPS for loading hotel contracts for a luxury tour operator


The client is an independent luxury tour operator looking to optimize its BPS based on seasonal variability, reduce back-office operations cost, and reduce human data entry errors. Coforge partnered with the client to migrate its back-office operations, enable resource planning and management with a forecasting model, provide customized training programs.

About the client

The client is an independent luxury tour operator in the UK.

Business Challenge

  • Seasonality in the business affected the volume of work
  • Higher operational cost
  • Need to focus on core business rather than back-office work
  • Higher rate of errors in manual data entry

Our Solution

  • Migration of back-office work in a flexible ramp-up and ramp-down model
  • Staffing plan based on a forecasting model across 12 months, giving the client the flexibility they need to address the seasonal variation
  • Optimum staffing approach adopted via cross-skilling and utilization
  • Customized training module for the team based on Coforge's training lineage

Delivering More Value

  • Cost savings via flexibility to quick ramp-up and ramp-down based on seasonal variations
  • 50% reduction in controllable errors within four months
  • 80% increase in productivity in comparison to the previous two quarters
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