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Coforge partners with a Leading Global Agency in offering Advanced Analytics services to Life Sciences firms


Besides building in-house capabilities, Life Sciences organizations are also leveraging external support in big data and analytics to generate key insights and intelligence to understand their target audience (clinicians and patients) better for marketing and commercials efforts. Our client, in partnership with Coforge, is serving large healthcare and pharmaceutical firms with maintaining patient related datasets and delivering advanced analytics to help them meet their objectives.

About the Client

Our client serves global healthcare and life sciences organizations with deep expertise in analytics-driven, digitized healthcare marketing and communications. Our client serves 24 of the top 25 pharma enterprises and other healthcare entities in PR & Communications, Marketing & Advertising, Branding, Scientific strategy, Medical Affairs, Commercial Marketing & Sales, Data Science and Analytics services.

Business Challenge

Our client was assisting pharma majors in their big data and analytics efforts and was in search of a partner with immense expertise in life sciences specific data science, who they could collaborate with in this journey. Our client manages more than 60TB of healthcare data in its proprietary data warehouse, sourced from claims, EHR, clinical trials systems, social media, medical publications, and processes this data to draw business insights for Pharma Clients. This data is maintained in compliance with HIPAA guidelines with data anonymization in place. .

  • Data Governance, Data Quality and Data standardization are a big part of their data management operations.
  • Data processing needs to account for various medical codes in use- ICD-9/ICD-10 for diagnosis, HCPCS and CPT for procedures, LOINC and RxNorm for Lab results and Drugs.
  • Performing predictive and advanced analytics on this data requires a part with deep life sciences domain expertise.

Our Solution

Coforge, with our strong capabilities in data science and deep understanding of the Life Sciences industry, was able to add value to our client in various areas of their data and analytics operations, such as

  • Creation of Rules-based Patient master table with (>billions of patient records).
  • Specific Patient’s cohort identification for any medical device or drug study.
  • Understanding patient journey map for a particular disease of interest by studying their comorbidity and treatment profiles.
  • Healthcare Provider segmentation for specific pharma product or condition related marketing or outreach efforts.
  • Defining & computing composite quality scoring for state, health systems, hospitals and physician groups based on measures defined by US Government Data.
  • Understanding prescribing behavior of physicians
  • Analysis to determine the reasons for patients switching treatments
  • Reporting and visualization using Attrition tables, Sankey charts etc.

Delivering more value:

  • Acceleration of model development and validation efforts
  • Improved response time in meeting end clients’ needs
  • Flexibility in absorbing peaks and troughs in required bandwidth to meet end clients’ expectations.
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