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Coforge Adobe PS Engagement for Content & Marketing

Summary of project:

Coforge is an accredited supplier for Adobe Professional Services (PS). Adobe PS has partnered with Coforge to serve their clients in supplying consultants across a range of services.

Summary of Coforge services:

Coforge provides Adobe PS consultants to support Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions across Dev, Quality, Marketing Operations, and UX.


  • Capacity & capability: Adobe gets a core-flex capacity model from Coforge to address their business demands across implementations across the world
  • Flexibility: access to both dedicated and shared services constructs (Content Operations, Content Author, Analytics)

Coforge Adobe Services Snapshot

Application Delivery

  • Experience Management
  • Content Delivery
  • Application Integration
  • SEO and Analytics
  • Forms & Assets
  • Social
  • Migration

Application Support

  • Incident Management & Reporting
  • Application & Platform Monitoring
  • Optimization, Governance & Reporting


  • Content Author
  • Creative Services
  • Analytics and Reporting Services
  • Campaign Support
  • Campaign Analytics
  • SEO Services
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