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Business assurance testing for a leading Australian airline

The Client

Customer is the second-largest airline in the Australian region, with a complete focus on providing safe, convenient and affordable air travel to its passengers. Client also have their homegrown award-winning frequent flyer program named ‘Velocity’.



Business objectives of the customer and business needs of the customer address

The key business objectives of Large Airline:

  • Enhance position as a leading Airline in Australian domestic and near-by Oceanic region.
  • Provide innovative and user-friendly airfare booking digital platforms.
  • Improve process efficiencies and significantly reduce the cost of running the legacy platforms and systems.
  • Increase efficiency and time to market.

We addressed the following business needs arising out of the above objectives:

  • Automation solutions across IT and business processes to improve process efficiency.
  • Reliable & cost-efficient application management services including Quality Assurance.
  • Provide SLA based end to end Quality assurance service and brought in automation at scale to reduce the cost of quality.

Roles and team structure utilized

We are a sole provider of comprehensive testing services to large airline providing testing services to different Lines of Businesses (E-commerce, Reservation, Airports and Network, Finance and Inventory) and Business Processes (Reservation, Check-in, Crew, Cargo, Loyalty etc.). We have set up a tiered governance and team structure to perform our services.


Functional and technical expertise provided

We provide functional and technical expertise to the Lines of Businesses and Business Processes shown below:


Description of functional solution

Coforge provided a unique one-team model to the large airline which is based on the below principles:

  • T-shaped model-based QA resources who cross skilled in the Travel domain, tools & technologies and testing processes & methodologies.
  • Automation First Approach, where doing automation feasibility study in the very beginning, we are making sure that automation is getting considered and factor in at every stage of development & delivery life cycle.
  • Implementation of RBT models, to test right and to meet all required functional coverage, we have implemented RBT and provided optimised test execution.
  • Inbuilt Accessibility testing with-in regular test cycles. To meet all required accessibility compliance, we have inbuilt accessibility tests in regular functional test cycles. This helps customers to meet all required compliance all the time.
  • One team model (mix of core and flex resources) allows customers to scale up and down at any point of time. This has been proved an effective way of QA cost optimisation.

Description of technical and architectural system

Coforge is sole responsible to provide test and process automation solutions to VA:

  • Selenium based test automation frameworks.
  • Appium based device-specific test automation frameworks.
  • API test automation framework using ReadyAPI & Postman.
  • TOSCA based test automation framework to automate legacy and desktop applications.
  • Custom build frameworks to test Alexa skills and chatbots etc.
  • Jmeter for Performance testing.
  • SortSite, NVDA, Wave, Talkback, VoiceOver to validate accessibility compliance levels.

Description of your company’s role in the engagement

Coforge engagement with Large Airline started in 2008, where Coforge is providing end to end testing services to Large Airline under managed services.

  • Bring focus on regression test automation across products at the enterprise level.
  • Contribute in standardizing and implementing industry best practices in the agile delivery model including DevOps (CI\CD).
  • Use KPI based three-tier integrated governance model.
  • Transformation team to identify and create solutions for improvement areas and track the initiatives till completion to provide for scalability & faster time to market.
  • Additionally, involved in providing Application support management, Platform Management, Data Warehousing and Robotic Process Automation Services.
  • Executed multiple transformation programs including cloud computing transformation programs.

Description of the methodologies used

The following testing methodologies are implemented for functional and non-functional testing needs.

Customer-Centric Acceptance Testing: Focus on Real-Time Business Scenarios based testing instead during Customer Verification Testing of COTS products.

Exploratory Testing: by SMEs to test usage of the application in production scenarios.

Risk-Based Testing:
to optimize testing efforts and identifying high business priority defects early in the test cycle.

Shift-Left: to ensure defects are contained & fixed in the same phase of origin, to reduce the cost of quality.

Description of the activities carried out

Below are the test activities carried by Coforge testing services team:


Coforge provides operational flexibility & agility to cater for any surge in testing demand and business needs by utilizing cross skilled resources and effective usage of Onshore – Offshore delivery model.

Description of mitigations implemented to avoid risk or overcome challenges

To support Large Airline and to deliver the best values we have implemented the following mitigation strategy to avoid risk or overcome challenges:

  • Knowledge management to efficiently upskilling/ cross skilling the resources.
  • Automation at the right place, which ensures timely deliveries and fast product to market.
  • Ensure predictive outcome by implementing metrics & measurement-based monitoring controlling best practices.
  • Keeping full transparency with customers on any foreseen risks.
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