Automated bulk PNR generation for a leading Australian airline


Automatically create PNRs through Sabre Native by using .mac file covering below scenarios:

  1. Different SSRs.
  2. Different PAX types
  3. Different payment modes
  4. Support to multicity routes


The scope of the said automation ranges from the point where it gathers the request excel sheet with all the data points and from where the BOT takes over to read data from excel and create the Macro file (.mac) having all the commands related to PNR creation. Post creation of .mac file it gets executed in Saber Native and finally sends the result as an email.


The process initially involved the team manually creating the macro (.mac) file according to test data received from the user via Jira requests for bulk PNR generation for testing and training purposes. Then the macro file was executed over Saber Native for generating the PNRs and finally the PNRs log were retrieved and were sent through an email.


The automated process takes away the human effort required to make the .mac file and execute the macro in Sabre Native. The simple execution of the java file made will produce a GUI, the GUI has an upload option where the request excel is supposed to be uploaded. Once done, and the start button is pressed the further job is taken care of by the whole automation. The .mac file is created, the macros are executed in sabre native and log file is created which contains all the PNR. This file is attached to a mail and is sent to the requester email address.



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