Auto-Remediation of Incidents for Coforge’s Internal IT

The key objective was to improve service delivery and expedite incident responses by minimizing manual effort.

About the Client

Coforge is a leading global IT solutions organization servicing customers in multiple domains. The company’s Internal IT provides Infrastructure Management Services via a common centralized resource pool to Coforge’s internal business units through combined offerings of Infrastructure and Applications Support, Administration, and Maintenance with 24x7 service coverage.

Business Challenge
Coforge’s Internal IT wanted to move from a reactive to proactive approach and from manual to automated processes for reducing the cost of operations in terms of man-hours and improving productivity.

Our Solution
Coforge deployed its iOps platform powered by General Artificial Intelligent technology to learn, reason, and exponentially grow on auto-remediation of a large number of complex tickets. The solution was aimed at enabling shared services to shift-left and undergo a strategic change. The following use cases were covered with major improvements in service delivery:
•    Disk clear up
•    CPU utilization 
•    Memory clear up
•    Service restart

Delivering More Value
•    Significant improvement in incident response and resolution
•    Improvement of 13.5 business hrs in Disk clean up incidents
•    Improvement of 7.9 business hrs in CPU utilization-related incidents
•    Improvement of 30.05 business hrs in memory-related incidents
•    Improvement of 46.5 business hrs in incidents related to service restart

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