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AI-Powered Financial Dashboard Assistant for Strategic Insights and Client Satisfaction

Customer Context

A leading Asset & Wealth Management firm faced challenges in creating business analytics dashboards efficiently. Investment advisors and managers struggled with compiling and analyzing large datasets for actionable insights and traditional reporting tools lacked user-friendliness and required complex configurations.

Key Business Challenges

  • Time-consuming and resource-intensive process of creating business analytics dashboards.
  • Difficulty in compiling and analyzing large datasets for decision-making.
  • Lack of user-friendliness in traditional reporting tools.

Coforge Solution

  1. Coforge developed an innovative AI-based reporting tool using proprietary frameworks on AI.
  2. The tool leveraged natural language processing, enabling asset and wealth managers to interact effortlessly with the bot for real-time dashboard creation.
  3. Personalized and dynamic dashboards could now be generated without the need for technical expertise or manual data entry.


  1. Significant time and cost savings with expedited dashboard creation and elimination of custom development tasks, while experiencing transformative impact on data analytics capabilities.
  2. Improved operational efficiency by 35%, allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives and client relationships.
  3. The personalized and dynamic dashboards provided timely insights to clients, leading to a 45% increase in client satisfaction and a 30% improvement in client retention rates.
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