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99.8% accuracy, improved productivity and turn times in re-engineered residential mortgage loan boarding

The Client

A leading regional U.S. Bank retail/ wholesale origination


  • Bank Service levels were challenged after loan boarding system up gradation
  • With 500+ doc types to on board, accuracy levels dipped & turn times increased


  • Coforge used its SmarTrans framework to implement process changes
  • Recommended separation of common document types by headers to reduce types from 516 to 108
  • Merged docs categorized into Closing docs, Income docs, etc. to monitor turn time separately


  • PDF doc type converted to “Tiff” format to improve image quality by adjusting print settings
  • Identified key-board shortcuts to split and label the pdf documents
  • Increased the batch limit to process more documents at one time

Value Delivered

  • Improved turn time compliance from 97.73% to 98.73%
  • Increased productivity in processing loans (from 220 to 250 loans per day)
  • Quality improved from 99.4% to 99.8% 4.Ability to handle 25% additional volume using flexible shifts
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