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57% reduction in average issuer dispute charge-off amounts

The Client

Issuing Bank, Client of Third largest merchant acquirer in U.S


  • Challenge managing dispute charge-off
  • Significant increase in disputes inventory leading to larger potential losses
  • Customer’s existing average charge-off rate was high (at $0.14)


  • Coforge SmarTrans methodology used for business analysis
  • Innovative Kaizen improvements to manage the inventory and streamline the process


  • Tiered dollar value-based checks created to mitigate potential high dollar losses
  • Quality rigor deployed by an autonomous quality organization focused on reducing repetitive errors

Value Delivered

  • Lower charge-off and operational cost
      • Charge-offs reduced from $0.14 to $0.06 per transaction
      • Additional labor cost savings of 50% for some work
  • Reduced risk
      • Risk of non-performance transferred to Coforge
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