14% improvement in underwriting quality while reducing costs


Mortgage division of Top 25 US Bank

Business Situation

  • Fragmented processes in underwriting
  • Poor loan tracking mechanism leading to delay in underwriting
  • Lack of Change Management process leading to non adherence to changing underwriting guidelines and poor quality loans


  • Intelligent work Distribution
    • Critical high skilled work to onshore
    • Lower skilled work offshore
  • Examples of offshore work
    • Basic calculations
    • Ordering and tracking documents
    • Review and indexing documents


  • Reengineered processes to streamline handoffs/ interfaces with different departments/ groups
  • All underwriting request/queries channeled to a dedicated mail box for quicker escalation and query handling
  • Implemented Change Management procedure to ensure adherence to changing regulations so loan quality improved

Value Delivered

  • 14% improvement in underwriting quality
  • Reduced turn time for underwriting approval
  • 40% lower operating cost
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