1 Customer

  • The Mortgage origination division of Top 25 US Bank

2 Business Situation

  • Multiple challenges in Loan Underwriting
    • Fragmented processes in origination cycle
    • Poor pipeline management
    • Poor quality of loans

3 Solutioning

  • Reengineered fulfillment process to streamline handoffs/ with different departments
  • Monitoring of loans between Conditional Approval and Full Approval to enhance pipeline management

4 Execution

  • All underwriting request/ queries consolidated to a dedicated mail box
  • Implemented change management procedures to help adhere to changing regulations

5 Value Delivered

14% improvement in underwriting quality after implementation
Improved straight through processing achieved
  • Reduced turn time for underwriting approval
Reduction in re-work

Thank you for the speed in which you ramped and the quality !! This is going to continue to be a major differentiator and value driver for our organizations!

Head of  Consumer & Mortgage Credit