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Transforming Affinity Distribution: Unlocking cost savings and business expansion

The Client

A leading Global P&C (Property & Casualty) and Specialty insurance group with operations in 180 countries selling 100+ products.

Business Challenge

The client faced limitations with their current IT systems which hindered improvements to their combined ratio. They needed a platform that efficiently introduced white-labelled travel insurance products with global affinity partners, simultaneously reducing costs. Additionally, they aimed to tap into changing consumer preferences to launch on-demand global travel insurance products.

Coforge Solution

Coforge adopted a comprehensive approach to develop a holistic solution for the client:

  • Improve combined ratio by streamlining operations and accelerate growth – unattainable within the current IT infrastructure.
  • Elevate business engagement by enhancing product proposition, branding, and marketing capabilities.
  • Demonstrate the viability of the proposed IT strategy.


The client experienced significant benefits because of the implemented solution:

  • Long-Term Partnership: Secured a five-year extension with distribution partners in Australia, valued at AUD 65 million.
  • Cost Savings: Achieved an annual IT expenditure $1 million lower than the legacy solution.
  • Expanding Platform Presence: Advanced platform expansion plans for Thailand and Canada, ahead of the original schedule.
  • Confidence Boost: Increased executive confidence in expanding the platform strategy to other business units, including Specialty Risks.
  • Creation of New Revenue Streams: Introduction of a new product line through partner collaborations.
  • Accelerated Feature Implementation: Faster turnaround on feature requests due to component-based design.
  • Streamlined Content Management: Effortless management and release of fresh content, along with partner-specific branding and white-labeling.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Simplified user journey for purchasing travel insurance on-the-go, complemented by integrated analytics and marketing capabilities.
  • Improved Partner Onboarding: Quick onboarding of new partners, leading to reduced operational time.

It enabled clients to leverage:

  • Highly customizable & configurable portals - Improved time to market
  • Re-branding of in-house brand - Direct consumer sales uplift
  • Re-designed and improved portals - Enhanced user experience
  • Customizable and configurable UI - Elevated Digital experience
  • Effortless travel products roll out - Simplified maintenance.
  • A new Sitecore based CMS platform - Marketing and Customer Engagement
  • Deployment on a single cloud PaaS instance - Unified, cloud-based solution
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