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Strategic technology partnership with a top Retail and Commercial bank in the UK

Coforge have helped set up 2 secured Offshore Delivery Centres in Pune and Hyderabad from where a total team size of 600+ FTE delivers global projects across multiple technologies and capabilities. In the 4+ years of partnership, more than 600 resources have been onboarded in India and the UK. These resources have been allocated across Enterprise Technology (45%), Wholesale IT (29%), MSS IT (12%), WPB IT (8%), GDT (6%).


Flexible models were developed to client needs: Managed Service, Project based, Offshore centric and Onsite centric. Services were delivered across India (Pune, Hyderabad), UK. Multi-tiered Governance model was established. The skills used were Full stack engineering ~32%, Specialist Engg 32%, Data & Cyber ~20%, Cloud & Others 16%. As a key Appian partner, helped establish Appian CoE for client.


70+ applications based on the Appian Low code workflow/ BPM solution across Risk & Compliance, Regulatory engagement, internal audit, Anti Money Laundering etc.

Wholesale IT: MIDAS OBKYC Program / Greenstar

Standardization of ACH payments processing across the bank (using ISO20022 standards)

WPB IT: Mortgage Cashback (Phase1), Digital Security Platform, GPB Wealth View portal

MSS IT: International Trade Monitoring Platform to handle exception management of swift messages, SULIS Data Migration from seller to buyer

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