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Risk Reduction Through Robust Vulnerability Management Program


The key objective of the client was to onboard a partner who can provide vulnerability management as a service and help them strengthen their security posture and reduce risk.

About the Client

US based customer provides technology solutions and financial services. The customer offers technology solutions such as analysis reporting, ERM dashboards, and audit tools, as well as infrastructure, and legal services.

Business Challenge

The customer’s IT environment was at high risk due to in-efficient remediation and patch management process. Customer was looking for a partner to perform on-time implementation of vulnerability remediation to update systems to the desired level of patches. Customer wanted the partner to implement a robust vulnerability management framework and provide ongoing vulnerability management as a service.

Our Solution

Partnering with the customer, we successfully provided the needed solution to standardize and automate the vulnerability management process:

  • Coforge conducted workshops with the customer to understand the current state of patching and vulnerabilities in IT environment.
  • Coforge utilized its MASTER services to drive the remediation process and bring the environment to the latest patch levels.
  • Coforge implemented a robust vulnerability management framework to for the customer based on industry standards and best practices.
  • Delivered ongoing vulnerability management using Coforge’s MASTER services.
  • Provided automated scanning, business contextualized and risk-based vulnerability management services to reduce the risk profile of the customer’s IT environment.

Delivering more value:

  • Automated vulnerability scanning, detailed reports, and end-to-end accountability of the vulnerability management process.
  • Improved the patch level of the environment to the latest versions within 60 days.
  • Reduced the vulnerability life-cycle of the customer environment from >90 days to <60 days.
  • Reduction of risk rating of the organization from high to medium.
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