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Risk Business Rules Framework

Customer Context

  • The risk office of a large Swiss bank had commissioned a program to comply with the risk data aggregation and reporting guidelines of BCBS 239.
  • Requirement was to analyze & document all data processing pipelines that had embedded complex business rules.
  • Challenging timelines for compliance.


  • Analysed the volumes of technical components.
  • Based on this we developed a creative parser solution to accelerate the analysis of business rules embedded within the ETL (Informatica) & legacy C++/Java code base.
  • Configured the documented business rules with the central strategic DQM platform.
  • Migrated the legacy ETL processing into a custom Java Framework.


  • Rationalized the Front office feeds processing.
  • Centralized data quality management.
  • Delivered improved BAU maintenance that resulted in reduced time to deploy change.
  • Helped the CRO function become BCBS 239 compliant with the defined timeline.
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