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Risk Based Quality Assurance to reduce Financial Implication

Launched in 2012 client is one of the fastest growing online travel agency offering flights, hotels & travel packages to customers in UK, Australia, Europe and USA. The Travel client offers a fantastic range of cost-efficient holidays to short and long-haul destinations, from all inclusive getaways to the Canaries to exotic beach breaks in Cuba

The Client

One of the fastest growing online travel agency


  • Post assessing the historical Data Analysis, there were challenges observed in below listed areas impacting the CSAT
    • Frequently reported Financial errors resulted in poor Quality delivered at 92% against the threshold of 98%, also
    • Lower Customer Experience Score
    • Upward trend in the Financial Losses implications
    • Increase in Rework

Solution & Execution

  • Enhanced Sampling approach by initiating Targeted Value Based Sampling factoring in the Confidence Level and Margin of Error
  • Enriched Transaction Monitoring Form with defined Critical and Non-Critical aspects of the process (Bucketing of opportunities in Compliance, Business & End User Impact) for better & Advanced Data Reporting and to drive CSAT
  • Continuous Improvement using Quality tools and methodologies : Histograms, Pareto, CI, Control charts, Scatter Plots, Box Plots, Checklist
  • Regular Performance Reviews - Highlighted Risks, Created action plan and risk mitigation planning, calibrations etc.
  • Bottom Quartile Management through Coaching and Feedback, Huddles, Knowledge Assessments

Value Delivered

  • External Accuracy improved from 92% to 99%
  • Risk Mitigation of Financial Implications – Improved Risk based sampling approach with 100% monitoring of high value transactions based on value benchmarking post analyzing trends leading to increased saving amount
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