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Revolutionizing Data Analytics using Azure Data Platform for UK’s Telecom and Broadcasting Regulator

Seamless Technology  Transformation through  Passenger Service  System (PSS) Migration  for a Large UAE Airline

Business Challenge

The client wanted the ability to research on full datasets rather than sample ones to understand telecom providers' performance. It required ingestion and transformation of large volumes of mobile and broadband data to the tune of terabytes of new data on a weekly basis.

Coforge Solution

  • Set up a centralized Data Platform using multiple PaaS services on MS Azure. This platform enables storage, processing, and consumption of large volumes of complex data from any source.
  • Designed and implemented security standards for the data platform, including private endpoints and user access via Azure Virtual Desktops for secure connectivity.
  • Automated infrastructure creation using Infrastructure as Code (IaaC) with Terraform and Azure DevOps pipelines.
  • Facilitated rapid onboarding of datasets, trained end-users on new Azure data tools, and set up necessary Data Governance processes.



  • Dedicated service team trained to manage Service Requests on the Data Platform, which can analyze multi-terabytes of data using Azure data tools with assurance on data security and governance.
  • Prompt support on the Data Platform has boosted client confidence in using new technologies.


Key Highlights

Built a data platform to handle business demand effectively empowering clients to take timely and effective regulatory decisions.

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