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Reduce processing from 4 min to 5 seconds using Bot-led automation for Tax Data & Document extraction for a Credit union

The Client

Mid-sized U.S. Credit Unions

Business Challenge

  • Extracting tax data manually for reporting was a cumbersome process, leading to delays in payment
  • Missing payments or incorrect extraction led to claims and penalties


  • Data extraction needed to get Tax Data , Tax Bills &Tax Receipts from Agency websites
  • Extraction of Tax data from PDF documents – required to increase speed and reduce error
  • Downstream processes studied to assess impact from incorrect processing, and effect on customer satisfaction & service levels


Illustrative results from BCP Testing

  • Tax bot implemented to specifically extract Tax data and documents for quicker processing
  • The bot can also use screen scraping and PDF to populate tax information
  • Automated pulling Escrow and Non-Escrow data from ~400 agencies
  • Bot tweaked to extract the tax data based on Parcel Number or Parcel Address
  • Manual review of extracted tax data file for to highlight errors (e.g. top 5 and 5 lowest amounts)

Value Delivered

  • Total reporting process time reduced from average 4 min to less than 5 seconds for a parcel
    • Reduced the total process time by 70
    • From 3 – 5 mins for a single parcel to less than 5 secs
  • Accuracy of 100% achieved
    • Bot extraction error rates were 0%
  • Turnaround Time requirements met 100% of the time
    • Irrespective of the volume inflow
  • Cost Reduction of 55%
    • The automation reduced cost while
    • Avoiding claims
    • Meeting turn around time
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