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Quality Assurance Process for a leading Data Management product company


With more than 350 customers around the world, the client enables organizations to analyse, move, manage, and modernize client’s data anywhere in the globe


  • Lack of formal testing capabilities
  • Ability to maintain consistent standards is missing
  • Problems with team integration
  • Issues of cost reductions
  • Different technologies have been used to develop


A Hybrid approach for building an automation framework which increase effectiveness, efficiency & coverage of the current software testing process by demonstrating the following capabilities

  • Modular - code is maintained in separate layers – Data layer, Object layer, Conguration layer, Script layer, and Report layer
  • Scalable – Use of Page Object Model ensures scalability, wherein the object methods are kept separately from the object repository. Any future additions need be added to the respective les, without impacting the existing code
  • Reusable – The framework provides separate modules for common actions, common methods, object methods, etc. enabling the user to reuse the methods wherever required
  • Adaptable – Keeping in mind the client's future plans, cucumber framework along with typescript was used for scripting for both Windows and web UIs, to address the change in technology

Benefits Delivered

  • Designing and implementation of QA process
  • Designing the Automation Framework
  • Ensuring the Automation is scalable and requires minimum maintenance
  • Ensuring the Framework suits the foreseeable development plans
  • Creating the Object Repository

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